video Why VIDEO CHAT?

  • Customers today want face-to-face, personal contact. Tiviclick video chat gives your website the human touch and turns leads into closed deals.
  • Seeing your customer’s eyes and body language gives you the personal contact advantage that leads to more sales, loyalty, and return customers.
  • When a user clicks, he’s ready to talk… and buy.

Tivi Click Why Tiviclick?

  • Tiviclick is uniquely designed to be embedded directly into your website so there’s no software download and it’s fully browser compatible.
  • Tiviclick provides a full Video Chat service for every website, allowing any type of business to reap the benefits.

Users Typical Users

  • Tiviclick video chat fills the need for face-to-face contact for sales agents, customer support and internal communication.
  • Attorneys, doctors, consultants, psychologists, and coaches will find Tiviclick video chat to be an indispensible practice-building tool.