About Us


vision Our Vision

  • At TiviClick, we believe in the power of the human touch. Using Video Chat enables you to connect face-to-face, building trust, loyalty, and stronger relationships with your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.
  • We’ve identified a paradox when it comes to business contacts: The more digital communication is relied upon, the weaker the genuine human connection becomes.
  • Seeing your customer’s eyes and body language gives you the personal contact advantage that leads to more sales, loyalty, and return customers.

mission Our Mission

  • To provide video chat solutions for every website designed for today’s fast-paced, digital business environment, while enhancing the strength of human contacts.
  • Video Meeting is designed to closely simulate a real face-to-face meeting. The participants can see one other's eyes, facial expressions, body language, and dress, forging a more personal connection and making a more lasting impact.
  • This “human touch” is essential to achieving success in our highly competitive global market, when options are unlimited and performance is measured by the power and strength of relationships.