general General  

  • Supports video chat, voice conversations, and text chats
  • Subscribed users can chat with non - subscribed users.
  • Host website can select how visitor create contact:
    • To department by category
    • To specific contact person (Agent)
  • Registered user can invite anyone to chat.
  • Detailed calls history.
  • Chat parties can write (and save) private notes during the call
  • Screen sharing capability.
  • Support for mobile devices.

with_user How to install TiviClick video chat in your website

Welcome to the www.tiviclick.com system - Video Chat plug-in software for your website.

Tiviclick is a cloud based service with no software downloads.

We provide flexible implementation modes based on your website type and your requirements.

Tiviclick is built to support any implementation option!

Please select your website type: Implementation options flowchart

Website type A - Customer support

Enable calls from non-registered Visitors (customers) to registered Agents (representatives) at your website.

Website type B - Network

Enable calls only between registered members of your website.

For the Network mode we provide a complete Javascript API ready to implement with your own design.

Not sure which type of solution works best for you? Contact Us and we can help you set up the perfect solution for your website.